• Nàdia Puig

    Communication and Content Strategy

  • Hi!

    My name is Nàdia Puig and I am specialized in Marketing and Advertising. Now I work as a freelance in communication and content strategy. I love to collaborate with passionate people and sharing what I've learned in a respectful environment. This website is my window to the world where you can find more about me and get in touch for a chat about potential projects.

  • “So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.”

    – Willy Wonka​

  • How can I help you?

    You may know what do you need, but you do not have time to manage it. Or you may spending too much energy on communication, without seeing results. Could be you require a strategy and customised toolkit for your new project. Or maybe you only need punctual support.

    My mission is your tranquility. We will work together to define your communication priorities and build a sustainable action plan that evolve your brand from strategy to reality. Day by day and made for you.

    Brand Strategy

    Identity management— Communication and Content Planning

    Content Creation

    Web— Blog— Newsletter— Social Media— Catalogues— Press

    Creativity and Copywriting

    Campaign conceptualisation— Creative writing

    Management of Creative Projects

    Web development— Graphic design— Production of events

  • About Me

    I have been devoted to marketing and communication for more than fifteen years.


    Because of the deep transformation of this business (and due to my natural curiosity), during this time I have had the privilege of developing my skills from diverse functions and points of view. I have learned, I have growth, I have had fun and I always tried that my job was so motivating as the first day.


    Now, I have started my own path and I will be thrilled if I can share this journey with you.

  • Coffee, maybe?

    +34 647 809 760